What makes a Good Teacher?






I have been thinking about this lately, what makes a good teacher?  Is it the knowledge they have?  Is it the skill in knowing how many “strategies” they employ?  Is it being well-versed in school policy? Is it being a disciplinarian?  Is is being a funny teacher? Is it being a teacher who doesn’t give homework?

I think I can answer this question with one simple statement.  A good teacher is one who knows his or her subject well, very well.  Who knows how to get the information across well and one has fun doing it and, here is the big answer . . . . one who cares!

Yup, it is that simple.  If you care about your discipline or subject matter and about your students you can figure out the rest, trust me.  I have done it!  The other stuff, well it may be important, but nearly as important as your desire to be good at it and to connect with your students.  Until next time . . . peace.


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