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Many today say that education is in trouble, I am one of them.  What is the problem?  Too many problems to answer that question effectively, however, I covered a class today for another teacher.  We have and issue here in our district that basically makes it impossible to have enough subs each day for the number of teachers that are absent.  Our situation may be unique because the local economy is so good here in Midland, Texas.

But I think we may have other issues:

  1. Teachers don’t want to come to work
  2. Subs don’t want to sub.

Why?  We have taken the fun out of teaching and couple that with the testing and behavior of many of our students and you get a deadly combination.  If the regular classroom teacher is not in the class then the curriculum does not get taught, period.  A sub can only do so much.

We have several teachers out each day at our school, and we don’t have a large faculty, maybe 40.  I don’t know the exact stats, but we have around five out each day.  Pretty good percentage.  Why?  I submit it is no longer fun for most of us to teach.  But why?  After sitting through the art class this afternoon I can see why no one would want to sub this class.

So now what?  How do we make teaching fun?  Discipline, purpose, desire, hope, relevance and responsibility are all things that may help.  But how?  Any ideas?  Until next time, peace.

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