Do We Need All This Work?








I am grading about 1000 papers this week and over the past weekend (okay, I graded one paper over the weekend, but still I graded) and I have to wonder if what I am giving them matters.  I wonder if they could do as well with less “work”.  I don’t know.  Am I giving them this work for me?  Or am I giving them this work for them?  Or am I just doing it because I am “supposed” to give them work.

I wonder if they could do as well with less?  The problem with giving Junior High kids less is that they may do any of it.  When I am asked, “Is this for a grade”?  I respond, “Everything is for a grade” and often I mean it.  My intent is to give them the idea that it all will be graded, so you should do your best.  But what if I just graded them on only tests and projects, things that really matter?  I think I know the answer, they won’t do well on these because they have no built in accountability.  Heck, I need accountability as an adult.

But what if I could limit the amount of paper they turn it?   What if they had a website, a wiki, a blog or I had them use Google Drive?  Not sure how to do all of this, but I am working for an easier way for me and better way for my students.  It just seems to me that we have an archaic way of doing things in education.  Look at our rooms: they differ from what they looked like fifty years ago.  True technology should include a radical change in how we teach AND the environment in which we teach.

Ideas?  I would love to hear, let me know.  But for now, I have packed my bag with the papers and I am off  to take my son to work at Texas Roadhouse.  And then it is back to my house for a 3 mile run and some grading the way it looks. Until next time, peace.

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