Day Three at the Lake







We awoke to a new day at the lake, a good day.  All days at the lake are good days.  We have found that it takes two or three days to get used to the camping lifestyle.  If you come and leave in a day or two, you tend to not get acclimated and you miss the best part of the trip, getting used to the camping rhythm life style.

Today Missy’s mom and stepdad drove out from Conroe.  It was about four hours and they arrived late morning.  It was great.  We did nothing but sit around all day and enjoy the weather and each other’s company, it was very relaxing.  I can’t remember and more relaxing day.  We had a fire and some wonderful time chatting.

They left the next morning and we then hosted my daughter, son and daughter’s boyfriend, Jeremy. Missy’s mom and stepdad got to see our kids, so that was great for all of us.  So tomorrow should be a lot of fun with our kids.  More then, until then, peace.

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