Spring Break Day One






We got on the road this morning headed for Lake Brownwood for some camping.  We didn’t get left until around noon, but we did make it in time to arrive at Brownwood before 5, which was when the park closed.  The trip was interesting, I had some issues with my truck.  It was the strangest thing: I just got my trailer inspected and tagged.

Which is not the easiest thing to do by the way.  In Texas you have to jump through about ten hoops to get your camper tagged, especially if it comes in from another states.  Texas calls any RV coming from another state coming from a, “foreign” place.  So I had to weigh the trailer, inspect it, get a new brake for the trailer which caused the problem.

When the trailer brake was on and the lights to the truck were on, the power to the truck was greatly decreased.  In fact I could not go over 60 miles an hour, with the lights off I could drive 70 and above.  Strange.  But  we figured it out and got here at Lake Brownwood just before 5:00 pm.

We have big plans to eat, sleep, read, watch some movies, hike, bird watch, hang out and in general have a great time.  The lake is down a little over ten feet, but still looks great.  We are hosting Missy’s mom and stepdad and two of our kids, Taylor and T.K. are coming on Wednesday as well as Jeremy, Taylor’s boyfriend.  Looks to be a fun time we hope.

But we made it without further incident and are hoping to enjoy a great few days here.  I will let you know what we are doing, until then, peace.



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