Spring Break – Day Two

Lake Brownwood












We have arrived and are enjoying our time here at Lake Brownwood.  Today we had to run into town and buy some supplies because we didn’t do much buying before we left.  I wouldn’t recommend that, but we let time get away from us, so it is off to town, which is not close to the camp ground.  It was a 22 mile trip one way.  But we headed off to WalMart (only store in town) and made our purchases.We came back to camp and took a hike along the lake and Tori collected some sea shells and discovered it was mating season for lady bugs.  Actually, Missy discovered the mating part, Tori just found hundreds of lady bugs.  And she found other animals and enjoyed our nature walk.  We headed back to our camper and just hung out and enjoyed the rest of the day.  We cooked steaks and partook of the brilliant night sky.  The stars truly are “big and bright deep in the hear to Texas”.

And then Missy and I re-watched a movie from quite a while ago, Frequency.  I didn’t really remember the movie very much, but it was great.  It is about time travel via a ham radio.  Pretty cool stuff.  I recommend it to you.  It is free I think on Amazon, so check it out.  After the movie we headed to bed and are prepping for tomorrow.  Missy’s mom and stepdad are coming for the day and night.  Hope they have fun.  Until next time, peace.

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