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If our superintendent in our school district gets an 18 percent raise does that mean that the teachers, whom he has said are vital to our success, are going to get the same? I have heard it said that our biggest problem here in Midland, Texas, at least in regard to education, is our shortage of qualified teachers, and I think this is true. If that is true, should not we make sure we take care of our teachers?

It is expensive to live in our fair city these days, some would say as expensive as Manhattan.  As we compensate our fair superintendent well, I hope our leaders do not neglect those who are on the front lines each and every day. I fear we will be short of qualified teachers and that will be a bad thing indeed.  Think of it, 40 students or more to a classroom because we can’t find enough teachers who can afford to live here.  Is that what you want?  I don’t, as a teacher, parent or taxpayer.  I am not sure our leaders fully comprehend the problem.  Many are insulated the high cost of housing, but trouble is a coming.

How will it play if our leaders  gorge themselves on the electorate’s ability to pay taxes and neglect those who are on the front lines? I believe our leaders should be well compensated and it is hard to find good leaders, I do believe we have found one in Dr. Warren.  However, in business we usually wait to see results before we reward our leaders.  How were sales? If they are up a bonus is warranted, if not, no.  It seems we don’t do that in the education field. We have some challenges in our district, would it not be better to lace a contract with incentives rather than upfront money in the hope things will get better?  Just wondering.

Here is a link to the article on the recent pay raise. Until next time, peace.

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