When Do You Want Me To Do That?













  • I am supposed to go to a meeting today,
  • I have to prep our STAAR review,
  • I need to make sure I have a great lesson for my Texas History students,
  • I need to prep our Saturday school stuff, I need to make sure our department meeting info is prepped which takes about an hour,
  • I have to prepare the character report for my boss (this is a circular file report),
  • I have to send in our Core test order form in to my boss,
  • I have to finish entering my grades,
  • I have to enter all of my comments in my grade book,
  • I have to verify all of my grades,
  • I have to contact my parents of kids who failed,
  • I need to copy all of the extra work for my advisory,
  • And I need to make sure my room is in order, because we have limited janitorial support because one of our best janitors left for greener pastures.
  • I have to do at least ten walk throughs today
  • And this is all to be done today, but first I have to cover two classes.

This is a regular day in the life of a teacher and oh yeah, I have to come up with some great lessons that motivate, inspire, teach and allow my students to master the concepts.  I will need to grade the assessments I give to my students and enter those into the gradebook before the end of the grading period.

Oh yeah, and then I have to actually teach the lessons to my students with enthusiasm, excitement, determination all while maintaining discipline in the classroom for optimal teaching.  So if you ask me to do anything else I will have to ask you, When Do You Want Me To Do That? 

And to think we can’t find people who want to teach school?  Go figure. Until next time, peace (maybe an 18 percent pay raise isn’t enough after all).

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