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The final countdown is on!  We have nine days of school left and I am ready.  The problem is that I gave my students a huge project and I have to grade all of this work.  What was I thinking?  I mean, I gave it to them to keep them focused and teach them something about technology.  But I didn’t give  much thought to my grading this project.

I had them pick a topic from US history after 1877.  They could pick an event or person or whatever as long as I approved it first.  They have to do the following:

  • Read a book
  • Write a two page book report
  • Create a Blog
  • Create a Podcast
  • Create a video
  • Write a 3 page research paper

Holy crud Batman, that is a lot of reading for me.  But I am happy to report that I have graded exactly one book report with only 69 more to go, plus the research papers.  If I have figured correctly, (which may be difficult because I am history teacher and not a math teacher), I will read about 315 pages.  Of Junior High writing, oh my, I think I may have made a mistake.

Let’s be honest, the Junior High writing is not exactly John Grisham.  I hope I can stay awake.  But, I think my students are getting something out of it.  I have taught them how to create blogs, videos, podcasts and how to upload all of this stuff.

I have already heard a great deal of talk about how much work it is, but also, many comments about how excited they are about learning how to do some stuff that was previously hard to do. So I feel good about that.

But, as I just told our new janitor, when these two weeks are over, I am free for a few months.  I am so eager to be footloose and fancy free.  I will have earned it.  This year has been a challenge on many fronts.  But, I was able to get so much done outside of school: two podcasts up and running, three blogs and a book started.  Hope to finish this summer.

So it is Friday and I am about ready to close up shop, but I wanted to blog before I left.  I have been having some trouble typing lately because my shoulder is messed up and it goes all the way down to my hand, such a bummer.  But I will be posting the next two weeks as we close out school.

I think school should be over after STAAR, what do you think?  Until next time, peace.

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