If We Can’t Expel Them, Then What Do We Do With Them?

I had the honor of subbing for one of our assistant principals yesterday at my Junior High.  I am still exhausted.  You talk about a job where you have to be all things to all people, this is it!  Sometimes our AP’s (assistant principals) have to be out and it is best to have someone to fill in for them. Yesterday that was me.  The first time I did it, I thought this would be great!  Walk around and look important with a radio in case I need to call someone for coffee.

I was wrong!  This is a tough job that requires a great deal of different skills to be successful. Counselor, cheerleader, administrator (for all the freakin’ paper work), listener (a huge part of the job), computer expert (the program they have our AP’s use sucks!), prison guard and a Vince Lombardi type to instill fear into these children.  Who has all of those skills?  You will need them for sure.

You “get” to deal with some real interesting people and situations.  Take yesterday for example:

  • 3 ISS Placements
  • 2 AEP Placements
  • 4 Suspensions
  • 1 “Missing Student” (we found him)
  • 1 Unhappy Parent (it was my fault her kid shot the teacher the bird and used curse words in the classroom)
  • Several Tardies
  • Tons of tears
  • 1 *&^%$ you, you &^%$#er
  • Bus Duty
  • Drug Dogs on Campus

This was all in one day, one regular day!  I couldn’t wait to get back to the classroom today!  Teaching is tough, but so is administration.  Often times we think our jobs are the toughest there are out there.  And we are often correct. Teaching is no picnic on many days as I have written about.  But I think it would be great to have every teacher serve as an AP at least once a year AND all AP’s to serve in the classroom a few times a year.  I know they were teachers, but WERE is the operative word.   Things change in the classroom year-to-year and it is easy to forget what is was like to have all of the pressure of teaching. We should know what the other is going through.   How much more respect would we have for each other if we did that?

One last thing to think about.  Our esteemed legislature has determined that students who have what is termed, “Persistent Misbehavior” cannot be expelled.  I saw many of these students yesterday who have figured this out and are taking full advantage of this fact.  These students are some of our biggest problems.  Do you want your child going to school with a child who could care less about learning, but is eager to disrupt learning to the point where ALL children in class are not receiving instruction because of the huge distraction these students are?

Trying to be all things to all people does nothing but make everyone unhappy.  Come on Texas legislature and do what is best for all involved and let our educators do their jobs.  Get out of education, you don’t have a clue when it comes to what is best for students, just look at these STAAR test as evidence of this.  Do we need to go any further.  This behemoth is too expensive in both time and money.  Does anyone think the men and women of the legislature (who very few of have ever taught a class in their lives) should dictate the day-to-day happenings of our classrooms?

To all of our administrators out there who care and do the best they can, thank you!  And thank you especially to our administration here at SJ.  Your excellence and expertise is very much appreciated.  Your excellence makes my job as a teacher much easier.  What do you think?  Until next time, peace.

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