School’s Out for Summer!



Yes indeed school is out for summer, and not a day too soon if you ask me.  I thought this was a very long year indeed.  Some of was great, some was not so great!  But all-in-all the year was good!  Here are some of the highlights and some lowlights too:

  • Our school finished number one in the district in Social Studies Scores
  • Humanities Texas workshop (free books always a plus)
  • Several trips
  • We have lost several teachers to other schools (not a highlight for sure, but good for them)
  • A new car for my wife
  • Several trips with and without our RV
  •  A great trip to the “mancave” in Tucson to watch the Bucs and the Broncs (Broncs win of course)
  • A new podcast with my wife, check it out at Two Teachers in Texas or subscribe via Itunes here.
  • Several great students will go on to great things, and I had a part in it.
  • A new ebook based on these blogs.

Yes, at the end of the year is always good to reminise and enjoy what was accomplished.  But this will be the last in the series of “A Year in School”.  It was fun and although I didn’t blog as much as I wanted, I did blog enough to give you an idea of how a year in the life of a school teacher may look, at least I hope so.

But for now, it is running, golf (if I can with a bad shoulder), lots of travel, lots of movies, lots of books, several podcasts and a few nights at the pool with my favorite cold beverage.  But be not fearful faithful reader, for I shall regale you with stories of a the summer of a teacher.  First post soon, keep on reading.

Thanks to all of you who have commented and kept up with the blog.  And be looking for a post in the next few days with a link to my free ebook, which is a compilation of the blog posts from the year.

Much more to come, stay tuned.  Until next time, happy summer and PEACE!



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