In Service is Over – Thank You Lord!


First Day of School

Well the last meeting is over (I wish), the last professional development has been taught the the finishing touches are on our rooms and now it is time for our students.  Did I mention how glad I am to be done with these things we call In-Services?  They seem to be so long and without a point, most anyway.  But we are finally done with them and ready to go, at least we hope we are ready to go.

Someone asked me today in church, “Are you ready”?  I said, “Does it really matter?  They are coming if I am or not, so yes, I am ready”.  And I think this is true, we are ready, or never ready.  Ask any teacher if they are ready for the first day and school, and almost every one will tell you “no”.  No, because there is always so much to prepare:

  • Forms,
  • Lesson plans,
  • word walls,
  • Gradebook,
  • Room prep
  • Study
  • And a myriad of other things.
Never Ready

We are never ready for the students because teachers are endless planners.  This is necessary by nature.  We prep and prep unitil we have prepped ourselves to death, so to speak. We want to make sure it is perfect, but it never will be.  But it can be pretty close if we are ourselves and keep the best interest of the kids in mind.  Forget all of the other stuff, focus on what is best for the kids we are given.  So how do we do that?  We make connections and steer our students to where we know they need to be, oftentimes this is at odds with our students.  But we are called to be their teachers, not friend, but teacher!

Role Model

Being a good teacher is hard.  It takes work and sacrifice.  We are called to use our “off” hours to prepare our lessons and grade our papers and enter our grades.  But if this is all we do we miss our main, not only, but main purpose.  Which is to prepare out students for life.

So I enter another school year with fear and trepidation.  But also with anticipation and hope.  Anticipation because of the possibilities and hope for a better year than the past.  Hope that this generation is turning the tide on our current direction.  I hear many of my students asking, why?  Music to my ears.

May this year be the best for all of us!  God bless our teachers and students!  May we work together to make each of them responsible and noble citizens.  Until next time, peace.


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