The Year Begins – Goodbye Summer

520e6d8926b51.preview-300The saddest day of the year is here: Convocation.  Not really, but Convocation means the end of summer and the beginning of the school year for all of the teachers here in MISD.  If you are not a teacher or college professor you may wonder what the heck Convocation is too.  It is a pep rally and a REALLY LONG talk by the superintendent of our public schools.  We get our marching orders and start the marching.

It is sad, because the carefree days of summer are gone, or in our case, the miles of driving are gone, so sad.  But it is also exciting because we begin another year with hope and expectancy.  The students will be returning in a little over a week and we will be ready, but first the following will occur:

  • Convocation
  • PD (Professional Development, which disguises itself as meetings)
  • In Service (Which is usually and afterthought to the presenter)
  • Meetings
  • Meetings
  • Meetings 
  • And some more meetings, just for fun.

And finally we will receive the students, the reason for which we teach.  We will be tested, challenged, yelled at, called names, forced to listen to juvenile problems (and this is during our in service time), but will once again make a difference in the lives of our students.

The question we must ask ourselves as teachers or educators or whatever new buzzword is being used is: are we making a difference for the good?  I pray we do.  Come on students, I’m READY!


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