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Motivation to Study Abroad

The changing economy and the face of the world is encouraging many students to break free of the stereotypes. One of the best ways to do this is by pursuing a degree abroad. Education in a classroom is essential, but the enlightenment attained from the real world gives an edge to a successful future.
The reasons motivating learners to pursue abroad education are multifaceted. The chance at an exponential growth in both personal and professional life being the major motivation. Pursuing education in other countries as international students, has seen a boost in recent years due to the following varied reasons:

1. To get a better perspective of the World you live in:
Get a passport phone number and travel all over the world. Expand your Knowledge and augment experience. Traveling to another country is an education by itself. The cultural diversity and the rich heritage in the other countries is driving people to study and learn new aspects in an unconventional approach.

2. Traveling
being in another nation, studying their cultural heritage, knowing the economy differences, taboos, learning contemporary aspects enhances a person’s perspective towards life. Traveling helps to achieve a viewpoint and appreciate the nuances of life. Studying art, architecture and monuments motivates a lot of people to travel to countries to gain education and to observe how each country contributed to the history of mankind.

3. To extricate oneself from the comfort zone- Personal Growth
having a comfort zone, makes humans try less to evolve. Breaking free of a comfort zone lets a person to be adventurous and learn to set an example to others. Getting an education in an alien land revives personal growth.

4. Professional growth
an international exposure as a relevant degree or internship creates a huge impact in the Resume. Prospective clients are looking for individuals who are globally active and socially amicable. A multilingual and multicultural individual is preferred for a job as companies are now widespread with branches in many countries.
A good employment opportunity is a motivation enough for traveling abroad to gain knowledge.

5. Learning new language
being multi linguistic is an art which people like pursuing. The best way to learn a different language is to be in a country surrounded by people who speak that language. Experiencing something personally achieves wonders in a short span which a book or other tools possible can’t.

6. Dispel Stereotypes and fly out of the pigeonhole
a nation has an assumed perspective of other nations and such assumptions can be put aside by being in that nation. What people think of our country is entirely different from what the reality is. As more and more people travel to different nations, these myths and assumptions are dispelled.
The stereotypes are broken and a new vision is found.

7. Competitive edge
we often get to hear that few nations excel in sports, few in literature while few in mathematics. Traveling to such countries gives a competitive edge to the experience. Apart from learning, a goal to excel in such a nation develops.

8. Piggyback your network and find new friends
Studying in a foreign university allows us to make new friends and reach out to their communities. In today’s world a healthy and good network helps in establishing a better business and market.

9. Delve into family roots
exploring a country where your ancestors lived is a good way to get a better insight into your family history and culture. Many people get an abroad education in such nations to get a better understanding of their lives.

10. Better insight and outlook towards life
the narrow outlook towards life comes from sticking to a place and adapting to it. A nomadic life opens horizons to see a broader perspective.

A person grows as he learns more. Learning is continual and is enhanced by experiencing everything is life. To experience, a person has to risk and get out of the comfort zone and adapt to anyplace on the world. These factors to improve oneself personally and professionally is motivating a lot of people to break the mold and pursue education abroad.

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