MISD has Townhalls, Broncos on a roll, Wedding Pics go Bad, and School Buildings vs Quality Education – TTIT 030

A Podcast from Two Teachers in Texas

A Serious Discussion on Education and Society, plus Denver Bronco talk, a couple of books, Wedding Pictures and school issues all on TTIT 030:
  • Article in the Newspaper discusses the problems we have here in Midland, Texas regarding overcrowding in our public schools.
  • Windows are Painted shut, bummer.
  • Broncos win, Broncos win, Broncos win!!!
  • Denver Broncos and  trip to Dallas
  • School Bond and “Stuff”
  • ASU wins!
  • Wedding Pictures go Bad!!
  • A DEEP conversation on schools, race and the bond
  • Do we need School Buildings? Todd and Melissa talk alternatives.
  • Is our Country Apathetic?  YES!!!
  • . . . And a little preaching . . .

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