Broncos Win, ASU loses, But I am the Big Winner!


A Perfect Weekend!

What a great weekend.  I took my boys to Dallas for two football games: ASU versus Notre Dame and the Denver Broncos versus the Dallas Cowboys.  It was great.  ASU is my wife’s alma mater and the school of my buddy who met us in Dallas, Chris, he used to work there.  We got great seats and enjoyed the game.

I took my oldest son, Todd, Jr. and my youngest son, TK and my soon to be son-in-law along with me.  It was fantastic!  We tailgated both days and attended both games.  The ASU game didn’t turn out the way we wanted, but it was fun nonetheless.  We had a ball.  We tailgated both days and then watched the Broncos darn near lose a game to the Cowboys, which would have been just awful.  Had they lost I would have had to have worn a Dallas Cowboys jersey to school,but they didn’t and we were able to revel in the victory together.  It was wonderful!

But the best part was just being with my boys, all of them.  You can’t replace those special times.  I was worried about spending so much money, but I think I got a bargain.  From the trip out there in the truck just talking to the games and the great meals tailgating to the trip back when I got to talk with my oldest son,as the commercial says: priceless.  I would have paid 100 times as much for this memory.

I’m just glad the Broncos won!  But even in they hadn’t, I would have loved it because I got to hang out with my boys!  Until next time, peace.

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