Do you Have a Bod for God? Is Halloween so bad? I have an Indian Princess and Teach Like a Pirate and a Murder Mystery – TTIT 033

 A Podcast from Two Teachers in Texas

Indian Princesses,  Happy Halloween is, well, boring here in West Texas, Pirate Teaching and a Murder Mystery –  TTIT 033

  • Indian Princess weekend – dads and daughters all together – very cool
  • A student “found” my website and likes it, wish they liked my class as much
  • We held a 1k and 5k run at church
  • Is Halloween so Bad for little kids?????
  • I am fewer holidays than ever before, I want to enjoy them!
  • Holy crud, the holidays are here and we have fewer shopping days than ever before, shop now
  • A new book, Teach Like a Pirate, is on Todd’s nightstand
  • Todd’s blog post on Teaching for Transformation
  • AEP is still a bad place – but I have a plan to get through
  • Todd has a student teacher and he is, well, bored with the whole thing
  • A project for math that is sweet, a recipe project on proportions and equivalent  . . . something
  • We are having a murder mystery dinner at church tonight!

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