Teaching should be about Transforming Lives













Some days as a teacher you are bored with what you have to teach.  I mean how exciting can it be to teach about the Northwest Ordinance?  Not very.  But of course we know it has to be taught because it is important to a greater good.  But seriously, it is boring.  So what do we do on those days?  We teach about transformation. That is the day when a student is bored with you that you teach them about a life lesson.  Teach them why it is important to stay focused, to stay the course even though what they are doing may not be “fun” but it is necessary.

If all we do is teach our students about our subjects, then we are doing our students a disservice.  If a child learns about the Northwest Ordinance but fails to learn respect, integrity, hope, concern for others and a common decency then we have failed mightily as teachers.  We must teach our students about how to become better people.  How to respect others.  How to become successful citizens and better people.

I know the state says we must teach 139 TEKS (standards) and only then are we successful as teachers if our students can master these TEKS.  Bullcorn I say!  We must first teach about being a better person and THEN we care about the TEKS.  Not a popular theory at our state education headquarters.

What do you think?  I would love to know.  Until next time, peace!




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