We are Back To All White – Thank Goodness














Before you call me a racist allow me to explain.  For the past two weeks my little junior high school where I teach 8th grade has been without paper.  I don’t mean low on paper, I mean OUT of PAPER.  None. Gone. Zero. Nada. Zilch. We had no paper.  Some teachers resorted to buying their own paper (which I refused to do based on principle) but most used stashes of colored paper.

You have never seen so much color on any campus.  Pink, blue, green, yellow, purple and even that old manilla.  Anything we could find we used.

Now you may be asking yourself the same question I asked myself for the past two weeks: Why don’t we have any paper?  Well, I still am not sure, but I was told everyone who was supposed to order it did, and, I quote, “I just don’t know”.  I think I am going to try this the next time someone asks me a question about my teaching.  Why did you not show up for work? “I just don’t know”, worked for them.

Teaching has become a very difficult task lately.  Poor behavior and limits on what consequences can be given to students make it an arduous task on many days.  So why would we have to have this worry about being able to print tests, reviews and assignments.  Most our our disciplines (history, math, science, English)  don’t have books, so our curriculum depends on being able to print our assignments.

So those of you who no longer reside in the classroom, but work in education (administrators), please remember what it was like when you stood in front of young people and made your living by teaching them.

Please help us to do that to the best of our ability and not spend our time hunting for paper or buying our own.  In the words of an ESPN analyst, C’MON MAN!

Until next time , peace.

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