A Nation at Risk?




I blogged a couple of days ago and asked the question, “Who is Running the School“?  Here are some more thoughts on the plight of our educational system today.

First and foremost the school is designed to teach the students.  It is not designed to be a daycare center, a home for the disadvantaged, a prison or jail.  It is to be a place of learning and education.  Is it?  In my experience it has ceased to be this because of all of the outside pressure put on it and some from within.

I believe we have to reform our schools, not tweak them, reform and remake them.  They are broken by and large.  There are some that are doing very well, but look at them and see if we can replicate their success?  Often their success is a direct result of outside influences.  Research shows that students who come from homes where mom and dad are present and where they are active in the lives of their children are the ones that will excel.

So does that say the others are doomed?  No, but it is much more difficult to teach that child when there is little support from home.  What do we do as educators?  We enable bad behavior by allowing it and even promoting it.  We do no service to those students who refuse to follow the rules by making excuses for them and condoning their behavior.

I heard this statement the other day and I absolutely think it to be true: You get what you allow. How true is that in life?  If we allow it, we get it.  This is what has happened in our schools.  We allow bad behavior, sub-par work, disrespect and then we wonder why?  Why?  Because we condone it and ALLOW it.

What if we no longer tolerated students disrespecting each other?  Would that not spill over to their teachers?  And would that not allow for a better and more directed student?  Bill Bennett, the Secretary of Education, wrote a report 30 years ago entitled, A Nation at Risk.  In it he outlines the problems with American Education.  They have not improved, in fact, they have gotten worse, despite all of our efforts to improve our system.  Why?

I believe from my experience and my research it is due to the ever increasing desire to be all things to all people and to demand the students have equal access, regardless of ability.  Add to this the continued castration of the power of the schools and you get a system that is run by those who attend.

What do we do?  Stay tuned I have an answer, but many of you won’t like it.  That is what I think, what do you think?  Until next time, peace.

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