Plan Weekly and Be More Productive


This year has been a hectic year.  It is only to get worse!  I have the following occurring in this year alone:

  • Son getting married (this week)
  • Daughter getting married
  • 25th Wedding anniversary
  • I turn 50
  • I am starting a new Part-Time Job
  • I am trying to start a new service at church
  • I am running a half-marathon
  • My youngest daughter is an Indian Princess (lots of outings)

Add to this all of the other stuff we do in life, and you get the picture, I am busy.  The only way I know how to combat this problem is planning.  I do so much better when I plan.  You must plan!  Why?  Because if you don’t plan your life, someone else will plan it for you!

I have gotten out of the habit of planning weekly, succumbing to the tyranny of the urgent.  I have found that when I don’t plan the week, I am unable to get the big rocks in and the little rocks move out the more important things I need to do.

So here are ten steps to plan your week:

  1. Set aside a block of uninterrupted time
  2. Block all of the places you HAVE to be and the things you have to do
  3. Determine the 3 – 5 most important things to get done, and then schedule them into your calendar
  4. Your faith and family are the most important things in your life, so schedule them before you schedule anything else.
  5. Schedule as much as you can, meals, exercise, reading and even TV watching
  6. Schedule “To Do” time into your schedule.  All of those tasks that need to be done can be scheduled into a time slot during the week.
  7. Schedule down time, if you don’t you won’t have any.
  8. Show your schedule to your spouse or significant other and see if your schedule is realistic.
  9. Now actually FOLLOW your schedule
  10. Evaluate weekly.

It takes me less than an hour and saves many more, do it and see how it can help you.  When I don’t plan I waste more time and spend more money.  Try it with your menu and anything else in your life where you need to be disciplined!

Let me know it goes. Until next time, peace.


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