Happy Birthday to my Cinco De Mayo wife!

Todd and Melissa

Happy Birthday honey!

I can’t believe that this is your *&^% birthday and the anniversary of our first day back in 1988.  Seems like yesterday and a long time ago – all at the same time.  I am so glad you decided to marry me!  I know I didn’t get off to a good start (hi, Todd Freese, nice to meet you), but I’m glad you persevered and decided to say yes to the date on your birthday.

Okay, full disclosure to your parents: you dumped them for me.  Yeah. I know they were having a surprise party, but I am so glad you ate your cake fast and joined me at Bennigans.  I still remember all the money I had in my pocket since I had just gotten paid and how you thought I was rich (I was, this was before kids).  And I loved buying you a steak.

25 (almost) years later, four kids, one grandkid on the way, one daughter-in-law added and a soon to be son-in-law and so many experiences I can’t even begin to remember.  I would say that I am one lucky man to be able to celebrate another birthday with you.  You may be older, and even have wrinkles now ( I put most of them there), but to me you are even more beautiful today than you were then!

Happy Birthday!  And get ready for a great night out with the kids and me, I love you!  I pray God blesses you with many more birthdays.  I think this is your half way mark in life.  What are we going to do with the next 40 something years?  I hope I am around to see it!  Happy Birthday!

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