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This comes from the newsletter of Philip Humbert.  I get his weekly tips and love them.  I think he is on to something here.


2.  Welcome Notes

Have you learned or tried anything new lately? Over the
years, one of the things Mary and I have done well is to
keep stretching our horizons. There’s no real plan, but
every few years, we take up a new hobby. Together we’ve
hiked and scuba-dived, played golf on some of the world’s
great courses, climbed mountains and enjoyed other hobbies.
Since we seem to pick things we know nothing about, we
always start as raw beginners and the sense of clumsiness
and wonder never goes away.

About a year ago, Mary was diagnosed with an illness and
has to practice her “fine motor skills” every day, as
therapy. Activities like knitting or stamp collecting were
considered (I voted for cake decorating!), but ultimately
she decided to take up handgun competition. She’d never
even handled a gun before! But, here we go again….

Fourteen months later, on May 4th, she completed a series
of advanced competitive exercises and I am so proud of her,
I could bust! She did every drill and every skill. Yes, she
has some limitations, but she hung in and got a Bronze
medal, putting her among the top shooters in Oregon. From,
“This thing scares me! How does it work?” to a Bronze in
only 14 months!

I know, I’m bragging. But it is nice to live in the
reflected glory of an incredible woman! Good for you, Mary!

Whatever else you have planned this summer, try something
you’ve never done before. Have you gone river rafting? How
about photography or, well, you can fill in the blank for
yourself. Just, keep stretching and enjoy being a beginner
at something. I think it’s good for the soul.

Have a wonderful week! And a reminder, I have an opening
for a new coaching client, so if you’re ready to go
further, work smarter and achieve more, give me a call!
Let’s make this a summer that could change your life

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