Should Education Have Fewer Educators?

school Are former teachers qualified to run multi-million dollar businesses?  I wonder if this is our best model, because that is what we do in education today.  We take a person and train them as a teacher and they teach three years, get a their masters in “Education Leadership” and then become a principle.  After a few years of being an assistant principal and principal they get their first job as a superintendent, in a small district most likely, and then move up the ladder.  Of course, they have also gotten a PH.d along the way.  But are they qualified to run a huge business like our large school districts are today?

I’m not picking on any one person, rather the system.  I have been a teacher for eight years and have found it to be, well, interesting. The HUGE majority of people in our schools today have never had a major job outside of education.  Think about that: they went to school, went to college and then went back to school.  Guess what?  They do the exact same things they were taught to do in school. And that ain’t working.  We perpetuate a system that is flawed.

I am still trying to figure out why we do things the way we do them.  There are far better and more cost effective ways of doing things, but if “You have always done it that way” you are not likely to change it.  Even if it is broken.  What we do doesn’t work, but we keep doing it.  Why?  I don’t know the answer, but I have some suspicions, check out this blog post.  Now if we were to add a variety of people to our system, say experts in management, finance, leadership, etc. . . wouldn’t we be better off?  Could we be any worse?

Last week my hometown paper ran an article that says our district is going to have over 3.7 million dollar shortfall in the budget.  The response of our leadership was to ask for a tax increase.  We have millions of dollars in a rainy day fund, why not use that?  I am not an expert on finance, but it seems the logical thing to do is use your rainy day fund when it is raining (heard that somewhere).  But our leaders come from and education background, not a business background, at least most of them.  Wouldn’t if be helpful if had experts on business doing our business?  So this got me to thinking about of our issues in education, here  are a few as I see them.

Problems as I see it:

  • Administrators have not been in the classroom in over five years
  • Administrators didn’t spend enough time in the classroom to have learned how to teach effectively
  • Education protects itself at all costs
  • Education isn’t implementing cutting-edge ideas
  • Education is not keeping up with the times
  • Education has been doing the same thing the same way for decades
  • Education today uses a model based on a 1950’s model (most were farmers or factory workers then)
  • Education has no motivation to change because they are not accountable like someone with a job is
  • Education is using our money with little reason to manage it effectively
  • Education is, at the end of the day, a political football
  • Education has no competition

Add some competition and implement 2014 ideas with experts in their fields.  Just an idea, what do you think?  Until next time, peace.


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