What Can We Be?

Happy-First-Day-of-SchoolI wrote this to encourage my teachers this year as we start school.  However, I think it applies to all of us:


Good Morning Team, 

Each year we start fresh on the first day of school.  Each student has a blank slate to make of it what they will.  Each teacher too has a blank slate.  You will start tomorrow with your students and you will set the tone for what will transpire during the year. What will you do with it?  I encourage you to make this first week what YOU want the rest of the year to look like.
There are so many things out of our control and yes, this year will have challenges:
  • Apathy
  • Discipline problems
  • IR Status
  • Disagreements
  • Tests
  • Someone might steal your lunch
  • and many others,
but as my faith teaches me there was never a promise of living a life of ease, just the promise that your faith will be sufficient.
Each of awakes each morning and makes the decision for the kind of day we will have. Our attitude affects our week, month, semester, year and in the end, our life.  Decide today to make tomorrowthe best day it can be. Our attitude really does affect our lives and that is one of the few things that is in our control.  So why not control it?  Act and think in a way that reflects how you want things to be.
I am honored to call each of you a colleague.  I am here to help you in any way I can.  I encourage to take chances this year, try something you have never tried before, I believe we cannot succeed unless we have failed.
Have a great year and remember, you are here for your unique talent, don’t conform, be you!

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