A Podcast from Two Teachers – 045


Wouldn’t it be fun to teach school if you didn’t need the money?  Our Candle Cafe is great and Nikita is a great show on Netflix.

  • School is back in session and the little darlin’s are ready to go
  • What is Labor Day really mean?
  • Nothing changed, still a lot of work, and I don’t mean the teaching part!
  • Simple tip: Use Index Cards to remember names and take notes at you fingertips.
  • Teaching is really tiring, really, I mean it.
  • I get to preach, a lot, again, and again . . .
  • My daughter is getting a . . . promotion . . . ?  She is doing great and works at the Candle Cafe, they have great candles, check them out.
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to teach if you won the lottery?
  • Bulgar and Lentils, I would  rather have steak.
  • Netflix is awesome.
  • Link to Article on Todd’s Blog.

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