We May Have Hope – Podcast from TTIT 048

Carrie Underwood

There may be hope: we have an administer listening, and we have feedback, the hot tub is working, trust is wonderful and Carrie Underwood is the man, all on TTIT 048 Click To Tweet!

  • We had an administrator listen to our show – listen for what he said . .
  • Too late to Apologize . . .
  • Use Google Drive for all your files
  • We are trying to fix apathy . . . ideas?
  • We must be more positive with our teachers . . . goes a long way, and so does . . .
  • . . . politeness goes a long way
  • Trust is a wonderful thing
  • Positive deposits please!
  • Carrie Underwood is wonderful!
  • Rest in Peace to my Aunt Ruth!
  • I can make pie!
  • Heading to an Old Time Rock and Roll concer

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