A Radical Thought

Cutting a One Dollar Bill with a ScissorsI love Christmas.  I love the preparation, the food, the music, the family time, the parties, the time at church and, of course, the presents.  The presents, especially the presents, I mean that is what the whole day has come down to for virtually all Americans.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a capitalist and I understand that our country works so well because we Americans buy SO MUCH.  I get it.  But man do we have a lot of stuff to pick from here in America.

We spent the week of Christmas in Phoenix and had a blast.  We spent a lot of time with my mom, brothers, sister, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, some friends and a whole bunch of nieces and nephews.  Plus, all of my kids came to: Todd, Taylor, TK, Tori and Jeremy and Megan (my new son and daughter by marriage) and my beautiful granddaughter, Kennedie Grace.  We ate, drank and opened lots of gifts.  And as is my tradition, I gave my lovely wife money to do, ” the after Christmas shopping thing”,  on Friday, the day after Christmas.  We did a lot of shopping on Friday.

As I traveled the stores and deals on Friday, I couldn’t help but wonder if the whole world does this.  Do they all have all of this stuff?  Do they have hundreds of stores to pick from?  Restaurants? Movie Theaters?  I started feeling guilty for being in a place that was beautiful (Phoenix) and having more than I could ever need or want for that matter.  And then it happened: I came up with an idea.  An idea to live radically different in the coming year.  To live out of need and not want.  To pare down instead of adding to and to live on less.  Is it possible in America?  I’m not sure. [ctt title=”Tweet This” tweet=”To pare down instead of adding to and to live on less. Is it possible in America? I\’m not sure.” coverup=”7xFms”]

So I have set a goal for myself for the year.  Next Blog post see just what I am proposing.  Until next time, peace.

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