Merry Christmas from the Texas Freese’s

Taylor's Wedding

Taylor’s Wedding

Dear Friends and Family:
I have been reading lately about how the Christmas letter is old-fashioned and passé, outdated, old-school. Well since I turned 50 this year, then I guess all of those descriptions fit me. So be it. I will own it. Yes I turned 50 this year. I think it was Mickey Mantle who said that, “If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” Thankfully, I have taken pretty good care of myself. So sit back and spend a minute or two catching up on the happenings from the Texas Freese’s.
This was a huge year for our family. Todd married the lovely Megan Carney in February and we welcomed our first granddaughter into the world on July 31st. Miss Kennedie Grace came into the world at a strapping 6 lbs. and 11 ounces. And may I say she is beautiful.
Taylor Jean married the wonderful Jeremy Foos on August 16th and the affair was a wonderful one. A highlight for me was the honor I had to officiate both ceremonies. However, for some reason, Megan wouldn’t let me deliver the baby, too bad, I would have been cheaper. The wedding on the 16th saw many of you attend the event and saw me cry like a baby when I danced to the song: Butterfly Kisses. I told Taylor the only song I didn’t want her to play was that one, but she has rarely listened to me, so the song selection was perfect.
I turned 50 on October 25th and to celebrate we had a party on the 14th of August with my best friend, Ray Leible, so that my family could be here to celebrate with me. It was great! Can still dance up a storm.
Melissa and I are getting used to being called Grandpa and Grandma, but we are adjusting well. We get to watch the baby an evening or two a week while Todd and Megan work. The only time I watched Kennedie by myself she screamed her head off. As soon as Melissa returned she calmed right down, prompting me to never watch her alone. She does like me a lot when she is being held by someone else. But I think she is pretty great!
Todd and Megan are busy parents and are both working hard while trying to find something else to do, Todd mentioned teaching (I’m trying to talk him out of it). Megan is a great mom who is learning that throw up isn’t all that gross after all. Kennedie does a lot of that for sure. Megan seems to take it all in stride and we are so happy Todd was blessed to have a wife and mother like Megan.Todd and Megs Wedding
Taylor and Jeremy are adjusting very well to married life. I think Taylor is really enjoying her own home. We have been over several times for dinner and she is a great cook and she and Jeremy seem to be very happy. Many answered prayers for Jeremy, we are glad for him. If you ever watched the TV show, 7th Heaven, then you may have remembered the character named Kevin who married the strong-willed Lucy. He was easy-going and a great fit for the strong Lucy. We have said that Taylor found her Kevin and we couldn’t be happier.
TK is studying at home, he is home-schooled High Schooled. He is doing very well. He will graduate in May and then he is thinking about going to Junior College here in town before he heads off to wherever God may call him. He is a large young man who has discovered working out and healthy eating. I am so proud of how disciplined he is and the change in him. He currently has a girlfriend, Katie, whom we think is wonderful. TK works part-time at the movie theater, which is great because we get into the movies for free, yes!
Tori is in third grade and keeps us on our toes. She was a cheerleader this year for our Junior High and is now deciding on dance, karate, piano or all three. She is quite the young lady. She is sure fun to have around, as it is most often just her and Melissa and me at home. We do most things together and she is never short of ideas on how I should spend my money. We did some Indian Princess stuff and some camping this year, although not enough for her taste, or mine.
Missy and I are still teaching at the same Junior High school. Some days are better than others. It seems like it is harder to teach now than it used to be, at least here in Texas. We find ourselves shaking our head some days at the decisions made and marvel at how smart our students are on others. We do enjoy the schedule that allows us to have a lot of time together with each other and the kids. Missy is still going to college every summer at Texas State where she writes curriculum and teaches a math camp. I love it because it gives me two weeks in the hill country of Texas. We love that part of Texas the ability to travel keeps us teaching. We do a podcast (internet radio show) at each week. Check it out and leave comments.
This year was one of transition in many ways. I have accepted a position with a group called Man in the Mirror. It is a ministry out of Orlando, Florida that endeavors to help churches minister to men. I love the idea and in July I attended a one week training to raise funds for this ministry. I need to raise funds to be able to fund this ministry to men. If you would like more information on this please go to I am hoping to be fully funded for part-time ministry by March.
Being 50 is weird. I mean I don’t feel like an “old man” but AARP keeps sending me information and my kids seem to think I am “fragile.” I feel great (except in the morning where getting out of bed is an ordeal) and am still running and Missy is still working out and looks great. But alas, I am 50 and as I look at my life I realize that I have fewer years ahead of me than behind me. It makes me realize how important you are and how much I love Christmas. The coming of the Christ child. Jesus coming to save each of us and give us life to the full. I pray you are able to say that at 50 or 90 or 19 you have lived life to the full. This year we lost my Aunt Ruth and I am sure she would have agreed with me that life goes fast, and you better pay attention to the “little” things like, each other and special times, like Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you and may you live to love another year. God’s blessings and a very Happy New Year to you all!
The Texas Freese’s

Tay's Wedding

Tay’s Wedding

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