Should We Close School for Two Years? Little Girls are Scary, Are Coaches Worth 4 Times as Much as Teachers? All here on TTIT 063

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Is 19 too young to be married? Nine year old girls are SCARY, Can you believe coaches get$125,000 Josh McDowell gives us the hard truth about the “last” Christian generation and a big announcement still to come all on TTIT 063!

  • Conroe Trip
  • Visit with Megan on the Way
  • Wedding
  • School has only 5 weeks
  • My back and lack of the ability to work
  • STAAR tests last week
  • STAAR Results
  • Alabama Coach gets 125,000
  • Dude from Dan Miller’s show
  • Economy
  • My Sermons
  • Our new pastor
  • Pastor leaving
  • Josh McDowell Stats
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