A New Beginning

Trinity PIcHi all!  It has been quite some time since I posted and for good reason.  I got a new job!  Yup, after almost ten years at the same place I have moved to a different school.  This school is so different from San Jacinto.  This is a private, or independent school.  I was surprised to get a call and then hired, but I am happy to announce that I will be the only junior high history teacher and, much to my delight, the golf coach.

Thanks for the memories SJ, but it was time to move on.  I have a post where I list the reasons I knew it was time to seek something new (read here).  I will miss my colleagues at SJ (mostly my wife, but I can see her at night) and the students whom I got to know and love.  But sometimes it is time to move on (check this post).

First day today at me new job and not one mention about tests or numbers, what a delight. More later, until next time, peace.

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