Tribute to 9/11 for my Classroom

It was a glorious late summer day in New York City and Washignton D.C and a sleeping little village I the Pennsylvania countryside.
Who could now that the serenity and beauty that day would be shattered by the roar of jets and the ominous sounds of steel and glass be broken and shattered, like the lives of those in the towers, at the pentagon and on those planes.
As we commemorate the 9/11 tragedy
That changed the whole world forever
We reflect on that fateful morning
When the two magnificent towers horrifically collapsed
Right in front of our very eyes.

Over three thousand souls helplessly awaited their fate

While reminiscing that fateful day
The chaos around the city
and the grim reminder of once

Where the Twin Towers stood majestically, 
Now it’s ground zero
Still I’m in disbelief, it happened in our country! 
America the superpower, but vulnerable in some way.
May the souls of those who perished
Will eternally rest in peace.

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