I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!

TrinityAnd just when you thought it was safe to read the blogs again – I make a reappearance.  I took a hiatus due to a huge job change.  I have been trying to get acclimated to my new surroundings.  It has taken much more time than what I had anticipated.  I love my new job, the people, the students and the culture (more on that later).  But a new place after so many years at my previous school, well, it left me with much to learn and contemplate.

Well, I have learned a great deal and met some great people.  I am not an expert at my new school, but I have adjusted and feel much at home.  As a result I find myself with some time to begin blogging, and podcasting again.  So many of you have emailed, tweeted or facebooked to ask about our podcast.  We found ourselves with the same issues regarding time to podcast as I had regarding blogging.  But I have so missed both.

Some of the issues I am eager to blog and podcast about are:

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Apps
  • School Culture
  • Public vs. Private school
  • Marriage
  • Grandparenting
  • The upcoming election
  • and much more . . .

So this post is to let you know that a regular post will happen with regularity.  Leave a message, tweet me or leave a note on facebook and let’s have a conversation.  I have so much more to say this year.  So go ahead and add me back to your RSS feed and let’s chat.  Until next time, peace.

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