Merry Christmas 2015!

IMG_4519Dear Friends and Family,

Another year in the books, time marches on, the candle grows dimmer and so on and so forth as they say.  I love the holiday season for many reasons: the food, the gifts, gatherings with loved ones and a way to measure time.  As I have gotten older I have realized that time does indeed speed up, or at least seems to do so.  I am now a grandfather of three (almost, Todd III due in May).  What the heck happened?  How in the world did I get from being the youngest in my career to being called “old man”, I mean that is what I called my Dad.  But such is the way of things and the holidays are always a time where I take stock of where I am and what I have to celebrate.

So a look back at our year and what those in my immediate circle are doing, write back, I would love to hear from you.  Do it the old fashioned way to the return address on this letter, email at: or visit my blog:

Melissa and I got rid of our house this year at the end of the school year and set off on an adventure: 5000 miles pulling our RV.  We left Midland and drove to Denver, stayed for a few days and then drove across Nebraska and Iowa on our way to visit Grandma in Lena, Illinois.  Along the way we stopped in Kearney, Nebraska and saw the Great Archway and then on to Omaha to visit the zoo and relax at a great little city park.  Off to Lena for a week visiting family and Granny and down to Springfield to see the Lincoln sites.  And then down to Branson for a stay at Table Rock State Park which was beautiful.  We saw a show, visited a winery and played in the lake for five days.

And then back home for my oldest granddaughter’s birthday.  We dropped off Tori and Missy and I drove back across Texas to Lockhart and stayed at the only state park with a golf course, perfect.  Then back home and back to work for us both.  It was a great summer, the best ever.

Then back to work, and for me that meant a job change: to Trinity.  Trinity is a private school here in Midland, it is a college prep school.  Much different from my prior job in a public school .  I am teaching seventh and eighth grade and am the golf coach, an interesting job that I am eager to start this spring.  We will see how helpful I am with the swing, I think I will limit my coaching to motivation and course management.  So far I have enjoyed it and have been well-received, for the most part.

Missy is still breaking down the doors of ignorance at the same place, I do miss teaching with her, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed being in the same building with her each day.  She has the same challenges: apathy and way TOO many meetings and paperwork, but is still doing a great job.  And of course, her most important job is being a new grandmother.

Speaking of being a grandmother, we have a new addition to the family: Emmalyn Jean who was born on November 30 weighing in at a strapping 5lbs 10 ounces and 20 inches long.  She is so little (sorry Taylor) and beautiful.  Taylor and Jeremy are very proud parents and doing  well.  Jeremy is back at the company he worked at last year after trying a couple of other places, but found his way back to JW Powerline.  Taylor is going back to school in the spring and will be very busy!IMG_4558

Todd and Megan are expecting too!  A boy in May, Todd III, whom we have already dubbed: T3.  We are all excited to finally welcome a boy into the grandbaby world.  Todd is working at Texas Roadhouse and making plans to go back to school in January.  Math teacher and coach are in his current plans.  Megan is the “superstar” leasing agent at a luxury apartment complex here in Midland.  I mean superstar as she has won this award a few times this year.  Her pregnancy is much better this time, much less sickness, yeah!  They just moved to a townhome which will give them much more room.  Kennedie, my granddaughter, is enjoying the new place with her new puppy.  She has grown so much this year, she says, “Stop it” a lot and has a mind of her own for sure, but we sure do love that little girl, redhead and all.

IMG_4464TK is living on his own with his buddy, David.  He is saving some money and then heading to school here in Midland at our local college.  He decided he wanted to live on his own after graduating from school this April.  TK was homeschooled his last two years and thrived. Not an easy thing to do when you are a young man, but he did it, I am very proud of how well he has done.  He has the pleasure of a young woman’s company, Katie, who has stretched him by dragging him to plays (Shakespeare no less), concerts and I believe an art event as well.  He is getting some culture, as they say.

Little Tori is thriving at her new school, she comes with me to Trinity.  She has done very well and loves it.  Chapel, Choir and French each day is a far cry from her former school.  She is doing well and making friends rather quickly.  She had a birthday party on Saturday and many of her new classmates attended the gala event.  She is involved in gymnastics and cheerleading.  She is getting so mature, she has proven to be a great baby-sitter for her brother and sister-in-law, Kennedie loves Tori.  Anytime we are together she wants Tori instead of Grandpa or Grandma.  Tori went with Missy and me this summer on our great adventure and enjoyed the time with her mom and dad.  Almost forgot, Tori got a dog, her name is Shasta!Tori and Shasta

I am still involved in the Man in the Mirror ministry and Missy and I have been asked to lead a marriage seminar in Poland this summer, that’s right, Poland!  We are good friends with a pastor in a small village there, he asked us to come over in July to teach 15 couples our “secret” to marriage, didn’t know we had one.  Of course, it is expensive to go, if you would like some information on how to help us out or pray for us go to:  We are excited about going and covet your prayers.

We wish each of you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest New Year of your life.  You can keep up with me at my blog if you are interested (  Missy and I do a podcast and would and would love for you to listen at   May God richly bless you and may you know the love of our Savior this season and all year long.  Peace.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love ,

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