No Subs is No Problem!

Sub saves the dayI used to teach in the public schools, loved it, hated it, today I teach at a private school. I loved the people I worked with and, for the most part, my students. I didn’t like all of the red tape, needless paperwork, lack of discipline and I could go on and on. I used to sit in meetings where we would discuss why teachers are not coming to work.

There would be many days where we have ten or more teachers out. That meant the other teachers had to cover those classes, we hated that. We talked about perks and incentives to get the teachers come to work (I know, they should come to work because, well, it is their job). We had luncheons, perfect attendance prizes, games and other attempts at having teachers come to work and teach. Nothing worked.

I think it didn’t work because so many of the teachers didn’t want to come to work for various reasons, like the issues I mentioned above. I have also discovered another reason why so many didn’t come to work: because it was so easy NOT to come to work. Well that is not entirely true; preparing sub plans could be more work than actually coming to school and teaching. However, many might wake up in the morning and decide it was a great day to play golf (what day isn’t?) and simply log onto the computer and put in for a sub. Whether a sub was actually secured or not was no longer a concern, you were free for the day.

At my new school we are required to call our own subs. Yesterday and today were the first days I needed a sub due to a sick child. Let me tell you if all teachers had to secure their own subs we would fix the problem of teacher absenteeism in our public schools. So even though I am no longer working in the public school sector, I continue to give them great options for improvement (hope my wife doesn’t read this as she is a public school teacher).

Until next time, peace.

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