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Kinzie Roemer

Kinzie Roemer

I have the honor of being the golf coach at Trinity Midland School.  Yesterday we played in a golf tournament here in Midland.  Below is an article that was written about our up and coming girls golf team:

Earlier this academic semester, seven girls walked into the office of Trinity Athletic Director Jeff Young with a desire to revive a golf program that had been dormant for nearly a decade and a half.

Hannah George

Hannah George

After some discussion with Young and first-year head coach Todd Freese, Trinity’s team was re-formed by members Rebecca Young, Kinzie Roemer, Hannah George, Karoline Watson, Avery Evans, Julissa Carrasco and Haley Wacker. Six of the seven girls also participate in other sports at Trinity.

Each of them are proud to be in the group that is bringing Trinity girls golf back to local courses in a competitive format.

“It’s great,” Roemer said. “Knowing that people below us, maybe in the lower grades, will start to play golf and then we will have a better program eventually.”

Freese said he was pleasantly surprised with the girls’ sudden level of interest in the sport.

Avery Evans

Avery Evans

“I was shocked to be honest with you,” Freese said. “I was very surprised. We didn’t have any girls as we were coming into the second semester. We had a golf meeting and seven girls showed up and other girls wanted to play.”

This is a completely new endeavor for Freese and his newly forged team, as none of the current seven players had ever played organized golf until three weeks ago.

“None of them had picked up a club before,” Freese said. “Maybe they’ve tinkered around in the front yard but no one’s played before. Ever.”

For the first time in their lives, three of the seven Trinity girls took the course at the Monahans Sandhills Tournament in early February.

Freese said it was a true learning experience for his girls, who were initially unaware of even the proper etiquette when playing golf.

“It was pretty rough,” Freese said. “Some of the teams they played, some of the girls they played with are from really good programs. And they (the Trinity girls) were challenged. They didn’t understand golf, or even tournament golf.”

Roemer said she and her teammates were at first a bit intimidated by the competition at the Monahans tournament.

Becca Young

Becca Young

“We sat in the car for 20 minutes trying to get ourselves to come out because everybody (else) looked so good,” Roemer said laughing. “They knew what they were doing and we had no clue what was going on.”

But it didn’t take long for the Lady Charger golfers to want to get back on the course every chance they could get.

And in the team’s second tournament — the Midland Girls Tall City Invitational on Friday and Saturday — Trinity competed with five players and made noticeable strides in development.

The team finished the TC Invitational in last place among teams with complete two-day scores. But Trinity cut six strokes off of its first-round score (526).

“In the first tournament, they just hit it (the ball), hit it, hit it,” Freese said. “This tournament (the TC Invitational), they had a little bit of an idea of what they wanted to do. They were thinking about club selection, they were thinking about ‘How hard do I hit this ball?’ They were reading putts. None of that happened in the first tournament.”

For Freese and Jeff Young, that improvement highlights the girls’ self determination and real desire to morph into golfers.

“I think our scores are getting better with practice,” Roemer said. “It just takes a lot of time.”

Added Freese: “They have resilience and they want to be better. They’re going to play a lot this summer and we have other tournaments scheduled and they’re going to get better and better.”

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