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DSC02850-1024x768When I was a boy my family  took a vacation to Yellowstone National Park. It was one of the highlights of my young life. I was amazed at the beauty.  Yellowstone is even more magnificent as an adult.

My wife and me took our ten-year-old daughter Tori, up to this beautiful historic National Park, if you get a chance to go you should not miss this opportunity for it is worth every second. We went to the park in July and still had to wear sweatshirts and more would have been better had we had it.

We parked our RV in Cody, Wyoming which was about 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park. Cody is really interesting city, as it was the home of Buffalo Bill Cody a few years toward the end of his life. we attended the Buffalo Bill Museum there which is fantastic! The drive from Cody to Yellowstone was about 50 miles and beautiful, however not as beautiful as Yellowstone National Park. As you enter the park you are given several options or several Loops you can drive.

To drive the whole part would take weeks.  They say that if you drive all of the roads only get to see one percent of the entire park. We concentrated our trip on the inner loop by the lake and through the geysers. we did get see Old Faithful and she did not disappoint. Although she wasn’t quite on time. They give you an approximate time that the geyser erupts, within about 10 minutes, my daughter was concerned she took a little longer than the time they had posted. I told her, “One time Old Faithful is going to quit blowing and this could be the day”. However this was not the day, she continued to blow and it was a really cool site.

We had a great time and am thinking of going back, maybe even as a worker.  I met a gentleman who is a schoolteacher and spends his summer at Yellowstone working in store, staying in his RV and fly fishing.  That sounds like heaven to me! Until next time, peace.

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