Thank You Arnie!

arnieI just heard that Arnold Palmer died.  I loved Arnold Palmer for who he was as a golfer and business man. I remember those warm Pennzoil commercials of the 80’s and 90’s.  I used Pennzoil because of these commercials.  Why?  Because my dad loved Arnie, he loved the whole Arnie’s Army thing.  His favorite athlete (and mine) was Jack Nicklaus, but he appreciated Arnie for his spunk and grit.

I remember fondly playing golf with my dad so many times when we talked about how Arnie would play a shot or even a round.  When I think of Arnold Palmer I think of my dad which makes me remember the wonderful times of my youth.  As I get older and those of my dad’s, and my, generation pass over the river, it causes me to pause and look at my life today.  The idea of Arnie dying is beyond what I imagined today.  I can smell the grass and hear my father’s voice as I recall the importance or Arnie’s influence on my life.

Wow, Arnie, I pray you are in the arms of God now, because you have given me a lifetime of heavenly memories.  May you rest with the Lord, thank you for who you were.  I think I am going to have myself an iced tea and lemonade, or an Arnold Palmer or it has come to be known.  Rest in peace!

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