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Here is a list of educational movies and documentaries on YouTube, as of May 2014. Most of the PG-13 movies are OK for kids 12+, PG 8+, G for everybody. All of the following films contain little sexual content and little profanity. There may be moderate violence, as of course, this is history.


Some movies have been uploaded multiple times – in parts and as a whole. I’ve seen most of the movies here.

NOTE: If links do not work, try looking them up on YouTube.

    • Samantha: An American Girl Holiday – 2004 – G – Great American Girl movie, set in 1904
    • Molly: An American Girl – 2006 – G – Homefront WWII, 1944
    • One Night With the King – 2006 – PG – the biblical story of Esther!
    • The Hiding Place – 1975 – PG – The story of a Christian during the Holocaust.
    • Sophie Scholl: The Final Days – 2005 – PG – This is not really graphic, and it is a true story. Sophie, her brother, and some friends spread anti-Nazi pamphlets during WWII. This is the incredible true story.
    • Anne Frank: The Whole Story – 2001 – the Anne Frank story.
    • Helen Keller: The Story of My Life
    • Hidden in Silence – 1996 – PG-13 – The true story of faith and courage – a Polish teen and her younger sister hide 13 Jews in their attic for 2.5 years against the Nazis.
    • Escape From Sobibor – 1987 – PG-13 – A made-for-TV film about the true story of how 300 out of 600 prisoners successfully escaped a Nazi concentration camp, Sobibor. The only scene I would recommend skipping/fast-forwarding is 45 minutes into it, when Shlomo’s brother goes to get gold, and heads face to face with a gas chamber. This scene has full nudity. Other scenes include a hanging and bloody corpses. Other than that, fantastic film worth viewing.



*I have not seen all documentaries. The ones I haven’t seen I will make an * If you type “History channel documentaries ww2” and “history channel documentaries civil war” up comes some really great documentaries. The Military Channel, National Geographic, and the History Channel have amazing documentaries. Most of these aren’t appropriate for those under the age of 12.

PBS has a series called Secrets of the Dead, which they have uploaded on their website. It has a ton of great history docudramas. (Watch Escape From Auschwitz…a great story about two great heroes)

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