Blue/Gray Ball

Officers and Ladies

“The Boys”

I am blessed to teach at a wonderful school, Trinity Midland, the staff, and administration go out of their way to provide opportunities for our students to grow and discover the world in unique ways.  One of the long-standing traditions is the Blue/Gray ball.  Mr. Bill Coombes created an event that commemorates the great Civil War.  The event included teaching the Civil War in the classroom, but not just the events and battles.  He went deeper and taught the students about the hardship and deprivations on the home front.  He also taught them about the courtly manners that people used in the day.  The ball is way to immerse the students in the Civil War era.

It has grown over the years and now includes a trip to Prude Ranch in the beautiful Ft. Davis, Texas area.  Students spend three days at the ranch enjoying the amenities, including horseback riding, swimming, hiking and lots of good Texas food.  A trip to the actual Fort Davis is included.  The fort was founded in 1854 and was named after the Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis.  He would go on to become the president of the Confederacy.  The event centers around a ball where the students dance the dances of the Civil War.  Mr. Coombes teaches these dances over a several week period.  The boys are instructed are in rifle skills by our athletic director, Jeff Young, who is a combat veteran.   The boys dress in Civil War uniforms (either side, I am a Union General) and the girls dress in large “hoop dresses” and it is quite an ordeal.  The transformation that takes place in these young students is nothing short of remarkable.

This year was fabulous, thank you to Mr. Coombes, Mr. Young, Mrs. Wacker and Dr. McHale.  Until next year, peace.

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