Back at School

Another school year started for me today.  I find it surprising that I am still teaching school.  Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing.  Is this truly my calling? I love the summer I must confess, the freedom and the ability to go there I want when I want.  It is intoxicating if I am being honest.  But summer cannot be enough to hold down a sacred position of trust.

To teach is a trust between the student and teacher, parent and teacher and a challenge each day to wake and teach.  But what is it mean “teach”?  I teach American History and this year a computer class (that is a story for another day) to 45 students.  If you are a public school teacher, you read the number and will wonder if I am part-time.  No, full-time. I teach in a private school where the community sends their best and brightest to learn and prepare for college.

A heady thing indeed to know that what I say and do (or don’t do) will have an impact on a student for the rest of their lives, I know because I had it happen to me as a student.  So no, summer cannot motivate me to teach, teaching cannot motivate me to teach, contributing to a life is what motivates me to teach.

So I start another year and say, how does time go by so fast? I am in my 11th year, and I said I would teach for ten and move on to something else, that was my MO, a ten-year man.  But I find myself staying so I must have more to do, perhaps another ten and I’ll move to the next thing, but I doubt it, being part of another’s history is too enticing and well, there is summer.

Here’s to a great year, until next time, peace.

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