Book One Read

First Book

I just finished my first book of the New Year: Power and Empire. It is a Jack Ryan Jr. novel. It is an offshoot of the Tom Clancy novels I read in the 80’s and 90’s and loved. I have read several of these novels, a new take on the son’s exploits at the secret group headed by an ex senator and the infamous John Clark.

All of the books I have read in this series are high energy and intrigue with of course the bad guys America is now dealing with: China, ISIS, Mexican Cartel and so on. While the stories are familair the characters ebb and flow. If you liked Clancy then you most likely enjoye these books.

My Yearly Book Challenge

But my main reason for this post is to keep track of the books I read this summer and share them with you. I tried to keep up last year, but lost count of the number of books I consumed, but I think I read 30 plus. I try to read 52 each year and usually fall short, although one year I think I did it! But since I didn’t keep perfect records I cannot claim victory. I did keep a spreadsheet, but lost interest in week 30 something.

My hope is a blog post on each new book will keep me motivated and connected with my fellow readers. Yes I know, Goodreads is a place to do this too, but I like my own place. I will keep up on Goodreads, click the link to connect to my page.

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