A Brave New World

This post finds me writing from a position I never thought I would be in, stuck at home. The Covid-19 virus has made huge changes for us all, some of those seem surreal. Who would have thought just a month ago teachers and students would be community and learning remotely? I wouldn’t have and I doubt many of you would have thought this possible. But here we are.

I had planned on blogging more this year, but have not found the time. I now find myself with a lot of time and rather than have nothing to show for my forced isolation I have decided to keep a journal of sorts, a blog. If you find comfort or question please comment as always.

None of knows how long this will last, but while it does I plan to be as productive as possible. My wife and I have created a new podcast, Purposeful Marriage and are continuing our weekly podcast, Two Teachers in Texas. Join us in one or both.

Until next time, peace.

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