My Life, I Have A Plan


I read something the other day about Brad Pitt.

Now I don’t advocate his ideology, but he said something intriguing to me.  He was asked why he split up with Jennifer Aniston and what he said in reply piqued my interest.  He said, “I ceased to live an interesting life, nothing I did interested me anymore”.  How interesting in itself.  He left because he wanted to live an interesting life.  Not a perfect life, or rich life, or happy life, or famous life, but an INTERESTING LIFE.

That speaks to me.

I don’t have any desire to leave my wife, quite the contrary.  I love her more today than I ever have.  I can’t imagine life without her and were we not together I think my life would be much less interesting, but I do resonate with his idea of an interesting life.

How many of us live mundane lives?

Day-to-day, month-to-month with nothing really new to look forward to but more of the same.  I want to live a life that is different, vibrant, varied.  This is why I created a “Life Plan”.  I have made a list of things I have done and things I want to do,  and places I want to visit and accomplishments I hope to, well, accomplish.  What do you think?  Leave your thoughts and comments, I would love to hear them.

My Life

(I’ve completed the items in blue)

1. Fall in love and get married
2. Have a daughter
3.  Have a son
4.  Zero family debt
5.  Leave trusts for family members
6. Help guide children into career paths
7.  Help each child attend and complete college
8.  Have grandchildren
9.  Teach all my kids Financial Peace

10.  Pay off all personal debt
11.  Buy a Home
12.  Build Dream home in country
13.  Net one hundred thousand dollars in an investment
14.  Net worth of one million dollars
15.  Leave financial matters in great shape for family members before passing on
16.  Own my own business
17.  Start a company and sell it
18.  Establish a School of Leadership that focuses on coaching leadership
19.  Build and run a retreat center
20.  Start a Coaching Practice


21.  Start a charity foundation
22.  Have a building or perpetual memorial named for the family
23.  Tithe

24.  Run a marathon or a half marathon
25.  Watch a Denver Broncos game from a luxury suite at Invesco Field
26.  Develop a golf handicap under 10
27.  Play Augusta
28.  Go to a Superbowl
29.  Go to NBA Finals with boys
30.  Go to the Masters
31.  Teach all my kids golf and play with them
32.  Go to the US Open Golf Championship

33.  Visit the Grand Canyon with family
34.  Take Kids to Yellowstone
35.  Visit all 50 US states
36.  Visit Israel
37.  Visit Hawaii
38.  Visit Jamaica
39.  Visit Hong Kong
40.  Visit Italy
41.  Visit Paris
42.  Visit London
43.  Go on a Caribbean Cruise
44.  Go on an Alaskan Cruise
45.  Visit South America
46.  Visit Africa
47.  RV in all 48 Contiguous States
48.  Live in an Travel in an RV for one year

49.  Complete an accredited Masters Degree
50.  Complete a regionally accredited Doctoral Degree
51.  Own a hand gun
52.  Get a pilot’s license
53.  Be a guest on a Radio show
54.  Be a guest on a TV show
55.  Write a book and publish it
56.  Make a movie
57.  Visit the White House
58.  Take a year sabbatical
59.  Start a regular blog
60.  Start a regular podcast

61.  Own a home
62.  Own a commercial property
63.  Own a beach home that stays in the family
64.  Own a rural home that stays in the family
65.  Own a boat
66.  Own a Motorcycle
67.  Ride to Sturgis
68.  Own a plane
69.  Own a restaurant
70.  Build a log home

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