Saturday Morning – Tivo and Coffee

TivoI love Saturday mornings!  As a teacher the weeks are very busy.  If you have children (we have four, one left in the house in fourth grade) it is even busier.  Play practice, church, cheer and tumbling and lots of homework is the norm for our daughter and our week.  But on Saturday, the pressures of the week are gone, no lesson plans that have to be finished tomorrow, no updating that powerpoint, no pressure to get that grade in the gradebook before school tomorrow, no pressure to finish lesson tweaks before tomorrow; All I have to do is wake when I am refreshed and greet my day.

Teaching is about pressure: pressure to get things done before the next thing needs to be done.  I have lots of friends who don’t understand why I can’t answer the phone during the day or return that text message immediately.  While they have important jobs with deadlines, I don’t think they quite understand the pressure of standing before 25 seventh graders demanding your attention.  The five minutes between classes is enough time to head to the bathroom and refresh the cup of coffee.  I’m not complaining, but simply illustrating the demands of job that requires your attention ALL the time.  I can’t duck out whenever I need to or take a break if I need one, no, I have “on the clock” until those students are gone.  After school we have practice and the demands of prepping for the next day.

But Saturday, well Saturday is mine, most of it, or at least the morning.  I get to wake when I am ready, not when the alarm rings, and greet the day with gentleness and without any demands.  The Tivo needs to be emptied of all those shows it accumulated during the week and I do my best to make that happen.  When my girls arise we plan the day, after a leisurely breakfast of course.  And then we begin, errands, movies, books, meetings with friends and family or simply “hanging out” are our favorite events.  Yes, we may do a little school work in the afternoon, but it isn’t rushed, deadlines are still a couple of days away.

Teachers, if you don’t have a day of the week where you can unwind, you need one, probably two, but most definitely one.  Saturdays are perfect for me, Sundays are met with church and family, so that means Saturday is mine, at least the morning.  It revives a soul, you should try it.  Until next time, peace.

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