About Todd

Just The Facts Please

  • Click Here for the clinical view of Todd B. Freese (resume)
  • Click Here for a more personal view
  • I am the father of four and the husband of one
  • I am a Eighth grade history teacher (click here for my webpage at school)
  • I am serious about my faith
  • I am a small group Bible study leader
  • I am the Youth Pastor at St. Paul’s Methodist Church
  • I was the proud owner of a 11 year old German Shepherd (had to put her down last year, one of the saddest days of my life)
  • I am a member of the History Channel and a history lover
  • I am an avid book leader
  • I am a owner of a series 7 and 63 financial license
  • I have two podcasts: One on my own and one with my wife, click here for mine and her for the one with my wife.
  • I blog at Purposeful U and with my wife at Two Teachers in Texas
  • I would love to play golf everyday!!

I have done several things in my life, here are most of them

Former Careers

  • Professional Baseball Umpire
  • Oil Industry – Division Orders
  • Youth Pastor
  • Stock Broker
  • Landscape Business Owner
  • Youth Probation Officer
  • Pastor
  • Teacher/Coach
  • Pest Control Spray Guy
  • Maintenance Guy

Fun Stuff

  • I am an ardent Denver Bronco fan
  • My favorite actor of all time is John Wayne
  • My favorite current actors are Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner and I enjoy Denzel Washington (I know, it means I’m old)
  • My favorite all time book – hmmm, hard to say, but I love John Grisham, David McCullough, Tom Clancy, and many others
  • My favorite book I read in the past few years, Leaving Ruin
  • I am looking to buy a motorcycle
  • I am currently writing a book, here it is online