Todd B. Freese

I was born to parents who were born and raised in the small farm towns of Northwestern Illinois. Mom was raised in Pearl City and dad in Orangeville, both small farming communities. Much of my family still lives there today.

We moved often when I was young living in, Wisconsin, Illinois, California, Ohio and finally Colorado.  I grew up in Aurora, Colorado just outside of Denver.  I loved it! I learned to love the mountains, the skiing, and the Denver Broncos! The Broncos are still my favorite thing about Colorado, well most years.

I finished high school in Aurora and then off to Umpire School.  Yes, I wanted to become a professional baseball umpire and to do so you need to attend one of the accredited umpire schools.  I did well, finished as number one student and secured a job.  I worked ten years in the minor leagues.  I worked in the Pioneer League, California League, Texas League, Pacific Coast League and had the proverbial “cup of coffee” in the American League.

After ten years of professional baseball, I retired at the ripe old age of 29 and became a dedicated husband, father, and student.  I finished my 110 hours I needed in two years.  Worked full-time, owned a business and managed to finish school at UTPB.  My plan was to teach, but I was redirected for a few years.

I served as Education Director, Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor in two different churches. We moved to Elkhorn, Nebraska where I became the Youth Director at a large church.  We didn’t care for Nebraska and moved back to Phoenix, where I had lived while I was umpiring.  I took a job as a stockbroker with Edward Jones.  I loved learning about the financial market but was not as crazy about cold calling and selling some of their products.  After a year I left to do something really wild.

I took a job as a youth detention officer.  I learned more in that year and a half than at any other time in my life.  But, this was a step, not a destination.  We moved back to Midland and I took a position as an Associate Pastor.  I loved it! After two years I decided it was time to do what I had wanted to do since I was in high school: teach!

I took a job at San Jacinto Junior High teaching social studies and coaching.  After a year I was able to concentrate on teaching and became a Department Chair at my school. I enjoyed that part very much.  Last year I moved over to one of our private schools in Midland, Trinity.  I love it!  I teach Computer Applications, Civil War, American Presidents, and American History.

Three years ago I took the job of Dean of Students of the Upper School.  The next year I added Dean of Students of the Middle School.  I have enjoyed this position as it highlights many of my strengths and still allows me to teach at least one class each trimester.

I have the good fortune of being married to a beautiful Texan, Melissa.  She has blessed me with four wonderful kids.  One is in the oil business, one is a full-time mom,  one is in the restaurant business and one, hold on, is a freshman in high school.  Her name is Tori and she keeps me quite busy, but she is a blessing. Todd Jr. has blessed me (along with his lovely wife, Megan) with two grandchildren: Kennidie Grace who is two and Todd III who is almost a year.  Taylor graduated from UTPB and has blessed me (along with her husband Jeremy) with a granddaughter: Emmalyn Jean and a grandson, Lane Joseph Eric.  If I knew being a grandparent was this much fun I would have done it first.

I have a few part-time gigs as well.

  • I run a website (along with my bride) to help people have better marriages, check it out: Purposeful Marriage.
  • My wife and I do a podcast at Two Teachers in Texas, 45 – 60 minutes on school, church, life and fun. 

Check that out too and leave a comment.

For fun I love to camp, read, workout when I am healthy and try to play as much golf as I can. I am still chasing that hole-in-one and under 70 score.  I also am a computer enthusiast and love all things in technology.  I love the use of instant communication, however, I have rediscovered the love of face-to-face communication in the era of Covid.

I am eager to buy a small farm, my wife thinks I’m nuts but said she would join me.  What more could a man ask for?

I do some speaking and teaching.  Contact me if you are interested.