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No Subs is No Problem!

I used to teach in the public schools, loved it, hated it, today I teach at a private school. I loved the people I worked with and, for the most part, my students. I didn’t like all of the red tape, needless paperwork, lack of discipline and I could go on and on. I used […]

Should Education Have Fewer Educators?

 Are former teachers qualified to run multi-million dollar businesses?  I wonder if this is our best model, because that is what we do in education today.  We take a person and train them as a teacher and they teach three years, get a their masters in “Education Leadership” and then become a principle.  After a […]

Why Does Education Run Off the Best?

Last week we lost a talented member of our faculty.  Not to the oil field (I teach in Midland, Texas and the oil field is taking lots of teachers due to the ability to make a lot of money), not to retirement, but to a place where they will feel, appreciated.  They decided to leave a […]

STAAR Results Are Here

So the STAAR results came out two weeks ago and for my district here in the big oil town of Midland, Texas, they were not very good.  I read an editorial in my hometown paper that stated, “MISD owes explanation for what students are learning in classrooms”.  I agree.  I think we do owe an […]

Teacher Survey

I recently did a survey of teachers at my school and others.  Here is the result of that survey. 1. What grade level do you teach? Elementary 0 0% Junior High 24 92% High School 2 8% Other 0 0% School District midland Midland ISD MISD MISD Allen ISD Midland 2. How many years have you taught? 0 – 5 […]

ALERT: Today Is The Most Important Day of Your Life!

My title sounds great, but I don’t believe it.  But if you talk to our school administrators and politicians they think today is the most important day of your student’s life.  Why? Because today we take some STAAR tests at my school beginning today.  Four hours where you are to prove your worth as a […]

One Size DOES NOT Fit All

              A young man addresses the board in Tennessee and discusses his thoughts on the Common Core, though we don’t have the Common Core in Texas, we do love tests and everything data.  This young man perfectly captures our most pressing problems in education today. After you view the […]

A Nation at Risk?

    I blogged a couple of days ago and asked the question, “Who is Running the School“?  Here are some more thoughts on the plight of our educational system today. First and foremost the school is designed to teach the students.  It is not designed to be a daycare center, a home for the […]

Who is Running the School?

Are the Inmates running the Asylum? Imagine being in charge of  people that are less than 15 years old and you have been charged to teach various subjects and to instill in them a sense of integrity, honor, hard work and a love of learning.  Now imagine that you have to do this with 100 […]