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We are Back To All White – Thank Goodness

                        Before you call me a racist allow me to explain.  For the past two weeks my little junior high school where I teach 8th grade has been without paper.  I don’t mean low on paper, I mean OUT of PAPER.  None. Gone. Zero. […]

Broncos Win, ASU loses, But I am the Big Winner!

A Perfect Weekend! What a great weekend.  I took my boys to Dallas for two football games: ASU versus Notre Dame and the Denver Broncos versus the Dallas Cowboys.  It was great.  ASU is my wife’s alma mater and the school of my buddy who met us in Dallas, Chris, he used to work there. […]

Students as Clients?

          WHAT IF WE TREATED OUR STUDENTS AS IF THEY WERE CUSTOMERS OR CLIENTS? So I had this idea to treat the students as clients this year, you know, like we are serving them as a business serves a customer. And then I was assigned AEP this year. AEP stands for […]

What do Students Really Want?

                                   What Do Students Want and Need? I recently was visiting with one of my colleagues who did something very powerful.  He asked the students what they wanted from him.  The above picture was one of the responses he […]

First Day of School

                              A New Year Well the first day came and went with little fanfare, rather smooth I think.  We do have 17 new teachers on a campus of around 45 faculty.  That is quite a high percentage of turnover.  Which got […]

In Service is Over – Thank You Lord!

First Day of School Well the last meeting is over (I wish), the last professional development has been taught the the finishing touches are on our rooms and now it is time for our students.  Did I mention how glad I am to be done with these things we call In-Services?  They seem to be […]

The Year Begins – Goodbye Summer

The saddest day of the year is here: Convocation.  Not really, but Convocation means the end of summer and the beginning of the school year for all of the teachers here in MISD.  If you are not a teacher or college professor you may wonder what the heck Convocation is too.  It is a pep […]