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A Bad Back Teaches Much!

This week I missed the entire week of school because I was unable to sit, lay, move, stand or do anything without a great deal of pain.  I have been cursed with back issues, you don’t want them!  As I write, my right foot is numb and I can’t move my toes, weird huh?  I […]

Blame the Teacher

                  A New Year A new year of school is upon us and along with it, the pressure to perform.  Late nights, lots of study, making sure your work is done on time, attending your classes and receiving criticism from the administration.  NO, I’m not talking about […]

First Day of School

I am glad to report I didn’t feel like this today, happy first day to all.

What Can We Be?

I wrote this to encourage my teachers this year as we start school.  However, I think it applies to all of us: __________________________________________________ Good Morning Team,  Each year we start fresh on the first day of school.  Each student has a blank slate to make of it what they will.  Each teacher too has a […]